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The Primary Years Program

at Wade King Elementary School


Our Program of Inquiry (2022-23)


Transdisciplinary Themes


The IB Learner Profile


Approaches to Learning


Examples of our Units of Inquiry:

Kindergarten – How the World Works

1st Grade – How We Organize Ourselves

2nd Grade – How the World Works

3rd Grade – Where We Are in Place & Time



Exhibition Night 2019

Exhibition Compilation 2020

Exhibition Compilation 2021


Learner Agency

As an IB Primary Years Programme school, Wade King teachers and staff are always looking for ways to promote learner agency. In the IB, we frequently refer to “agency” as giving students voice, choice and ownership over their learning. We also value ways in which staff and families have agency, acknowledging that we are all learners in our learning community. When a learner has agency they are actively involved in questioning, making connections, and ongoing reflection. They are included in decision-making about the classroom environment, construction of their learning goals, and ways in which they can best share their learning. Learners will of course always face challenges, and in supporting learner agency at Wade King, we work to guide our learners in developing the skills to face challenges and overcome them.

Wade King teachers and staff are committed to developing learner agency in our students, ourselves, and in each other. We do this by looking for opportunities to honor each other’s voices, providing choices in learning opportunities, and encouraging all learners to have ownership through taking action.