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The Primary Years Program at Wade King Elementary School

Program of Inquiry




Key Concepts:

       A set of seven concepts is used in Primary Years Program schools to guide inquires. These are the

concepts and a question suggested by each one.

Form : What is it like?
Function : How does it work?
Causation : Why is it the way it is?
Change : How is it changing?
Connection : How is it connected to other things?
Perspective : What are the points of view?
Responsibility : What is our responsibility?

It is these concepts and questions, used flexibly by teachers and students, which shape the unit by giving it direction and purpose. It is in this sense that the key questions, and the concepts to which they relate, are said to drive the Primary Years Program curriculum. Since inquiry is a vehicle for learning in the Primary Years Program , the natural way to present the key concepts is in the form of these broad, open-ended questions. The concepts liberate the thinking of teachers and students, suggesting a range of further questions, each one leading to productive lines of inquiry. These questions should not be interpreted in any restrictive sense as the only questions, to be used in a strict order, or to be given equal weight in every inquiry. Rather, they represent an approach, a springboard, an introduction to a way of finding out.

An Inquiry: How can you use the key concepts when talking with your children?

Making the PYP Happen, IBO, 2007

The PYP Student

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