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Get Ready to YETI in 2020!

The 5th grade WK School Competition March 13 at 1:00 in the WK library.

The 4th grade and 5th grade District Finals have been post-poned until after Spring Break. When the Health Department informs us that social gatherings over 10 people are advisable, we will schedule the District YETI competitions. Thanks for your patience.


The YETI Book Competition is an optional activity available to 4th and 5th graders across the school district. Each summer, the Bellingham School District Librarians carefully select a range of content appropriate novels, not just from the Sasquatch and Young Readers Choice lists, but from the Otter nominee list as well. We make sure to include various genres with diverse characters and a broader reading level range than in previous years, making it possible for 4th and 5th graders to read from the same list of books. Maybe that’s why we see more participation across the district now. Many thanks to our classroom teachers who release YETI readers for 30 minutes each week! That support means so much because students do not have to worry about after school transportation, or conflicts with other after school enrichments. Playing games and solving puzzles based on our books makes the time fly!

At Wade King, the emphasis is on fun, cooperative game playing using knowledge of the nominated books. The competition aspect is important for some students, but not the focus at Wade King. Participating in the culminating competitions is absolutely optional. However, once committed to a team, students are expected to follow through.

Here is a link to this year’s books, complete with book trailers. Many thanks to Lowell Librarian, Lisa Christiansen and the Birchwood Librarian, Nick James, for creating the 2020 YETI slideshow.

YETI Practice Quizzes are on the way!

2020YETI Books!


Here are the nominees for favorite books of 2020!

Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book Award

Otter Book Award

Sasquatch Book Award

Young Reader’s Choice Book Award

Towner Book Award