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Get Ready to YETI in 2022!  

The YETI Book Competition is an optional activity available to 4th and 5th graders across the school district. We usually begin weekly meetings in January. Check here for more info in the Fall of 2021. Librarians are furiously reading the candidates for our 2022 Yeti Reading List right now! The list typically includes 12-14 books. When we have decided on the list, students can start reading. Check back here in the summer for the list.

The Bellingham School District Librarians carefully select a range of content appropriate novels from the Sasquatch and Young Readers Choice lists. We make sure to include various genres with diverse characters and a broad reading level range, making it possible for 4th and 5th graders to read from the same list of books. Place the titles on hold at our school library, the public library, on Libby and in Epic. Some titles are available in Learning Ally too. Village Books has the Yeti list if you want to buy the titles and support local business at gift giving times. Watch the slide show below (when it becomes available) to see which books you’d like to read first, and next!

At Wade King, the emphasis is on fun, cooperative game playing using knowledge of the nominated books. The competition aspect is important for some students, but not the focus at Wade King. Participating in the culminating competitions is absolutely optional. However, once committed to a team, students are expected to follow through.

The School Competitions are not yet scheduled for 2022.

The District Competitions are not yet scheduled for 2022.

Practice Quizzes 2022 will be here!

Yeti 2022 Slideshow will be here

Here are the nominees for favorite books of 2022!

Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book Award

Otter Book Award

Sasquatch Book Award

Young Reader’s Choice Book Award

(we choose from the Junior Division)

Towner Book Award