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Welcome to the Wade King Library where our goal is to ensure that all students are effective users and producers of information and ideas!

The Wade King library opened with approximately 3,000 books. We have been expanding and developing our beautiful collection, and currently have over 8,000 titles. Many of these titles support the attributes and attitudes of an International Baccalaureate learner and our units of inquiry.

Library Catalog – Click here to view our books and more.

Library Hours – The library is open from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm every week day.

Book Checkout – Students in grades 1 through 5 check out two books at a time. Kindergarten students check out 1 book at a time. When students are engaged in inquiry projects, they are welcome to check out additional books. They may come back as frequently as they like to exchange books! Parents are welcome to check out books as well, simply stop in the library to set up an account.

Volunteers – The library runs smoothly with the help of many volunteers. Parent and grandparent volunteers support students in locating books and resources, as well as helping with circulation and shelving books. If you are interested in joining our team of volunteers, contact the library!

Special Events – A variety of special events take place in and through the library . . .

  • Book Fairs – Stay tuned for future book fairs.
  • Sasquatch Super Bowl – Fourth and Fifth graders are invited to join a team to compete in the Sasquatch Super Bowl. Teams work together to read all of the books on two regional award lists, and then test their knowledge of the books in a trivia-type competition. The Event takes place in the spring, but teams will begin preparing in November.

Birthday Books – Many students enjoy the Wade King tradition of celebrating birthdays by donating a book to our library. A book plate honoring the birthday student is placed in the front of the book. If you decide to join in this tradition, your child may enjoy picking a favorite book for the library. If you would like some suggestions for titles, please contact Mrs. Hunter or Mrs. Bergquist.

Overdue books / Lost books / Damaged books – Above all, we want children to read and enjoy the books that they check out! At the same time, we want to promote responsibility in our students. When books are late, students will receive a reminder note. When books are lost or damaged to the point that they are no longer usable in the library, students and their families are asked to pay what they can toward replacing the book.

Questions for your librarian?  Don’t hesitate to contact us!


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