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Grade 5 – How we express ourselves: The Exhibition

Central Idea: Ideas, feelings, beliefs and values are expressed when people align themselves with issues, movements and causes. 

Key concepts: Responsibility, Form, Reflection

An Inquiry into:

  • action



  •  As you search our library catalog (Destiny), be sure to check for books that might be available in other schools in Bellingham. In the dropdown menu next to the word “Location,” select “Bellingham School District.” If you would like to request a book from another library, give the following information to Mrs. Hunter in writing or by email – your name, book title, school that has a copy of the book, and call number. You may also email the school librarian directly, and cc Mrs. Hunter.
  • Bellingham Public Library
  • Whatcom County Library System


Use the library databases and online encyclopedias found on our Search Tools page as you gather information for your Exhibition project.

Here is a curated list of articles and websites your teachers recommend: 

Animal Welfare


Developmental Disabilities  

Disaster Relief and Response



Foster Care


Human Rights

Natural Disasters


Search Engines

If you feel you have exhausted the information you have gotten from our own databases, public libraries and teacher suggested websites, you may use the search engine, Kiddle. It is a Google powered safe search. Just as good as Google, but without the inappropriate results.

Publishing Tools

  • Wikispaces – a tool for creating a web site to share your information. You will be responsible for following all guidelines for publishing on the web, including keeping your personal information private, and following copyright guidelines.
  • Prezi – an alternative to PowerPoint
  • Sway- an alternative to PowerPoint that is part of Office 365