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Grade 4 – How We Express Ourselves

Central Idea: People use poetry to express their ideas, emotions and beliefs.

Key concepts: Form, Perspective, Reflection

An Inquiry into:

  • forms of poetry: Haiku
  • poet’s craft
  • purpose and value



Big 6 Research

Step #1 – Task Definition

In this step, we’re thinking about our research question. What are you curious about? What form of poetry, or what famous poet, would you like to learn more about? Explore the World Book article on poetry and the Shadow Poetry site, thinking about the aspects of poetry about which you are especially curious. Then . . . turn those topics into questions. Post your questions on our Wall Wisher site to share with the class.

Step #2 – Information Seeking Strategies

Before you begin searching for information to answer your questions, you have a challenge – help me find some resources to answer MY question:

  • What is RHYTHM in poetry, and how do different poets use it?

Use only the two resources we have started with – Shadow Poetry and World Book Online. What can you find in these resources to help me answer my question? Think about the strategies you’re using to find helpful information.