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Grade 3 – Who We Are

Central Idea: A person’s belief and values shape who they are.

Key concepts: Responsibility, Perspective, Connection

An Inquiry into:

  • where a person’s beliefs and values come from
  • how a person demonstrates their belief and values
  • impact of individual beliefs and values on a community



Online Encyclopedias

(To access these from home, get a username and password from Mrs. Hunter)

  • Worldbook Online – Both the Kids and the Student versions of Worldbook Online have information on many celebrations. You will find the Kids version easier to read, and the Student version has information on a wider variety of celebrations.
  • CultureGramsSearch for a holiday, or click on a continent and a country, then look for information about religions and holidays.
  • PebbleGo – Open the Social Studies database and look for the holidays category.
  • World and I Student – Search this collection of articles from the World & I magazine featuring topics in social studies, language arts, science, and art.



Note: The information in these resources is protected by copyright. Be sure to cite your sources, and follow Fair Use guidelines. You may use images in presentations for your class, but you may not re-post them on a website!