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Wade King Elementary Program of Inquiry

This page is a work in progress . . . over time, each Unit of Inquiry link will lead you to a Pathfinder with supporting information resources



We Are

Where We Are in Place and Time

How We Express Ourselves

How the World Works

How We Organize Ourselves

Sharing the Planet


Children worldwide are more the same than different People use places and space for a variety of purposes Actors use drama to represent stories to an audience Scientists observe the world Communities create systems to educate their children Plants and animals interact in a habitat


Factors influence how families live Families change over time Music creates images of narratives and events.



Solids, Liquids, Gases People and goods are transported
in a variety of ways
People solve problems in a variety of ways


Nutrition and exercise impact an individual’s health and well-being Significant events in a person’s life shape who they are Traditional tales are used to teach lessons An object’s balance and motion can be described and changed Members of communities have roles and responsibilities Living things use the Earth’s materials


A person’s beliefs and values shape who they are Indigenous cultures around the world change over time Cultures express themselves through visual arts Water is a common and finite resource Organizations use a variety of strategies to persuade society Humans impact the health of ecosystems


Humans are curious about the phenomena they observe in the natural world People have moved around and settled our planet People use poetry to express their ideas, emotions and beliefs Forces of nature can be used to do work Economics describes the exchange of goods and services There are competing interests over resources


People strive to change situations and circumstances Human beings seek to explore the unknown The Exhibition


Humans use energy and technology to solve problems Governments use structures to function Biotic and abiotic environmental factors affect each other